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Hello, and welcome to my web site!  You are visitor #Hit Counter . My name is Henry Israel.  My wife Barbara & I have been married over 43 years.  I started square dance calling in 1972 and have been calling for clubs, festivals, jamborees, and special dances & events ever since, including wedding receptions, birthday parties, company celebrations, and other events, to include church retreats and young people conferences, and anyone else wanting to have a good time and learn a few simple dance steps.

I have called in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Tennessee, California, Florida, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Washington State, Alaska, Hawaii, Panama, Belize, and British Columbia. I am an Accredited Caller Training Specialist, Accredited Teacher/Instructor, a charter member and current Immediate Past-President of the Oklahoma Callers & Teachers Association, member of the Central District Callers and Cuers Association, where Barbara and I are serving as treasurer, and I am currently Immediate Past President of the International Organization of Dance Leaders, American Callers Association and Past President of the Central District Callers and Cuers Association of Oklahoma.  I record on Cascade, Longhorn and Rockin M Labels and currently have out the following titles: Girls Girls Girls; Fever; Gold & Silver; Jose; Ring Around Your Neck, Roly Poly, My Kind of Love, Easy Money, and A Way With Women. I have two new releases ready to go after the first of the year. You may go the www.rockinm.com and listen to a "sound bite" of My Kind of Love, Easy Money, & A Way With Women..

I call the American Callers Association program, or the Callerlab program through the Plus level.  I call for three clubs, two clubs in the Oklahoma City area, and one in Lawton, Oklahoma; Circle 8 Square Dance Club in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the oldest continuously dancing square dance club in the world, formed in 1937, and have called for them, as only their third paid caller, since September 1978.  I also call for FunTimers square dance club in Midwest City, Oklahoma and have called for them over 14 years. They are the only club, that I know of, that has had four (4) National Square Dance Convention General Chairmen as members!! Three members of the NEC at one time!!! One of the member couples, now deceased, Pete & Ester Hughes, have the only life size statue of square dancers in the world. And, the third club is, the Star Promenaders, in Lawton, Oklahoma., another phenomenal group of people

I love to call out of town dances and welcome the opportunity to do so.  Until recently, Barbara & I shared the week's program in Red River, New Mexico calling square dances with our good friends and fellow caller Danny & Sharon PayneDanny  and I are co-owners of SquareDancing.com.  If you haven't visited there yet, you should.  You can list your club and/or association for FREE! If you are a caller or cuer you can register yourself,  let folks know where and when you are calling.  But be sure and list your club, at least!

Danny and I have sponsored many cruises, including two to Alaska, several to various parts of the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, and of course, Hawaii. Square Dancing is a great hobby, don't you think??

Thanks for visiting my web site.  If you are interested in having me call for your next dance or event, or if you would like me to do a training seminar, email me, or feel free to telephone me at (405) 641-0305 about anytime.


If you have the time, please go over and take a look at my "toy". Does it bring back memories?

Best to all and see you in a square.  Henry


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